What to do if your oil tank springs a leak due to the heat

With the hot weather we are hearing a lot of reports of plastic oil tanks cracking or springing leaks in the heat!


If your tank is in direct sunlight for a lot of the day, the intense heat of the sun on the plastic tank shell could cause expansion, and the weight of the oil inside will swell out and stretch the tank to the point of cracking.


Cracks in heating oil tanks need to be addressed immediately.


If cracks are above the level of oil in your tank, get your tank replaced before it is refilled, and if they are open cracks cover them over with something such as a tarpaulin to stop water from getting into your fuel.


If cracks are below the level of heating oil in your tank get a good old fashioned bar of soap and squeeze some into the crack which will temporarily stop it from getting any worse. Then get some fuel removed out of your tank so the fuel level is below the crack. However, you will need to get your tank replaced as soon as possible especially in hot weather.



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