Oil is the cheapest way to heat your home this winter!

Oil is the cheapest way to heat your home this winter


  • 41% cheaper than LPG
  • 53% cheaper than electric
  • 7% cheaper than mains gas


With winter here, it is great news for oil users across the country as they continue to enjoy the cheapest fuel bills, according to the latest figures from the Sutherland Tables, a recognised independent source of comparative UK domestic heating prices. 

These figures are provided by independent heating cost analysts, the Sutherland Tables. In October they published data comparing the average annual heating costs for a typical three-bedroom home in Great Britain with a range of different types of heating systems. This shows that households with oil heating are paying just £894 a year for their heating and hot water.


That’s 7% cheaper than mains gas (£967), 41% less expensive than LPG (£1,529) and a substantial 53% lower than electric storage heaters (£1,910). Looking at renewable technology, the cost to heat the same home using an Air Source Heat Pump is calculated at £1,681, making oil a whopping 46% cheaper.


Oil has remained the cheapest form of heating for over three years and with oil prices not expected to increase significantly for the foreseeable future, it can only be good news for anyone using oil to keep warm this winter!


Tim Shepherd from WebOil, said, “It is always great news when we can help  customers to lower the cost of their fuel bills. We would  recommend that customers purchase their heating oil  as early as possible before  the on start of winter to avoid the rush we usually see in  the build-up to Christmas. Customers are more likely  to save money due to lower  prices when the weather is  milder and demand is lower.”








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